Company History

The business name SPAV-INNS was originally created in the late 1980's when the managing director Derrick Spavin previously owned a number of public houses in the North Lincolnshire area.  It was a play on words combining the surname "Spavin" and the word "Inns".  During the years of 1995-1996, Derrick decided to sell all the public houses and took early retirement.  It was approximately 2 years later when he decided to create a transport company using the same business name of SPAV-INNS.

In 1999, SPAV-INNS made it's first delivery in a van for a company based in Scunthorpe who is a major suppler of metallic fasteners to the automotive industry across the world.  Over the next 18 months, this company approached SPAV-INNS and requested we buy a 7.5t vehicle to fulfill a number of deliveries to various customers throughout the U.K.  In 2002, orders increased which in turn required a larger vehicle to fulfill the deliveries.

Since 2002, SPAV-INNS have continued to grow along side the metallic fastener supplier and now operate 5 tractor units, 8 curtain sided trailers, and 2 vans.  During this growth, Derrick Spavin's son Peter joined the company as a director in 2013.  In 2016 the company became limited resulting in the new business name of SPAV-INNS Transport Ltd.  There are now 4 full time drivers and 2 part time drivers, as well as Derrick and Peter who also regularly complete deliveries in both LGV’s and vans.